UGH! entstanden gegen 2000 aus der Münchner Noise Rock Combo Tailgate und machen jetzt Motor Voodoo Rock. Was man sich darunter vorstellen kann? Muss man selbst gehört haben... Der Song 'Ira' ist dem Album 'Waste' (2012, Elektrohasch) der Band entnommen.

UGH! - Foto: Andi Sturm

UGH! - The Holy Mountain of Miracles and Fire

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Noch etwas Krach zum Fest?
Münchens Voodoo Noise Rocker UGH! haben ihr neues Machwerk "The Holy Mountain of Miracles and Fire" (3 Songs - Download only) rausgebracht! Hört doch mal rein..

Released 18 December 2013. Reorded and mixed by Tim Höfer, produced by UGH!
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UGH! sind mit dem Noise Kracher 'IRA' auf der IN MÜNCHEN NIX! A Munich Punk/HC Statement Doppel-CD vertreten.



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Text / Musik: UGH!

il tuo sorrido morde
la mente e il cuor'
speriamo che tu crepi
senza un gran' rumor'

Music by Tim Höfer (Drums, Backing Vocals), Christian Sonnberger (Bass & Vocals), Martin Tagar (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Odie (Backing Vocals)
Written & performed by UGH!
Produced & mixed at ARA Tonstudio, Munich, Bavaria, in 2011 by UGH!


Besetzung (IRA):

Tim Höfer (Drums, Backing Vocals)
Christian Sonnberger (Bass & Vocals)
Martin Tagar (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Odie (Backing Vocals)

weitere Bandmitglieder:
Ruben Defendi (Gitarre)
Burkhard Gottmans (Gitarre)



Noiserockers from deep down south. Motor Voodoo Rock, created under the influence of beer, cream soda, pot and the frequent exposure to trashy movies. Nerve wrecking rhythm attacks and guitars knee-high. We don`t know what we are doing, but we know we're good at it.'

Noise Rock in the tradition of the 90s Alternative Tentacles with the influence of bands from Jesus Lizard to Zen Guerilla became a quite rare sonic texture these days between the worlds of Stonerrock and the dark edge of current Sludge, Drone and Doom.
Originating from the Noise Rock combo Tailgate, UGH! managed to create a completely unique musical world of their own.
Neckbreaking uneven rhythms and melodies that stick to the ear, unawaited twists and catchy riffs go along with a deep sense of humour and weltschmerz as well. UGH! makes an artistic statement no-one who is into hard and deep music should miss!
It’s ok to order chrome!!


  • TERMINUS-EP, CDR, 2000
  • METAUSTRAT, CD, 2003
  • MEAT FAIRIES, CD, 2005
  • FATBURNER, 7", 2006
  • WASTE, 12"/CD, 2012

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