100% Gumpunk! The Gumbabies sind eine Punkband aus München mit Einflüssen aus US-Punk und UK-Punk - '77er Punk mit dem Sound von 2012'. Die Band wurde 2002 gegründet, allerdings hatten alle Mitglieder schon eine beachtliche musikalische Vergangenheit in diversen Münchner Punkrockbands. The Gumbabies waren gerade im Studio und werden im Sommer 2012 die 4-Track Vinyl 7''  'Cogito, ergo, SCUM' veröffentlichen. Dieser Scheibe ist das Lied 'Die Pretty' (eine Neuinterpretation des Songs von 'Lake Pussy', der früheren Band von Schlagzeuger Tom und Gitarrist Andy Pathie) entnommen.

The Gumbabies

The Gumbabies! Anhören!

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"I wanna die pretty, I wanna die beautiful?!"

Schneller als die Polizei erlaubt: THE GUMBABIES mit ihrer Version des LAKE PUSSY Smash Hits "Die Pretty"!

Übrigens damals bei LAKE PUSSY: Die beiden GUMBABIES Tom Obnoxious und Andy Pathie.


PS. Die neue Gumbabies 7" EP "Cogito Ergo Scum" gibt's nun auch zum Download!  Für umme!!!



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Text: Tom Obnoxious / Musik: Andy Pathie

When I was a kid I was so full of dreams
I take a look back – there ain’t nothing that I did
Once I thought I could jump up to the stars
Burnt out, bad memories, a shitload full of scars…

As the years went on everything went wrong – an angel’s been rejected
As the years went on everything went wrong – the innocence infected

I wanna die pretty, I wanna die beautiful?!

Those were the days when all the butterflies in my belly
turned into razorblades
I’m glad that I never did what I was told
but I’m sorry I didn’t die before I was (s)old…

No possibilities to choose – I ain’t got nothing to lose
Believe me – I won’t say no
No possibilities to choose – I ain’t got nothing to lose
I’m ready when it’s time to go…

I wanna die pretty, I wanna die beautiful?!

Recorded February 2012 @ Madras Prison Studios / Munich by Jakob Braun.
Mixed and mastered March 2012 @ The Engine by Jakob Braun.


Phil Zero – Vocals
Andy Pathie – Guitar
Vic Seasick – Guitar
Herzna – Bass
Tom Obnoxious – Drums

weitere Bandprojekte:

Phil Zero
ehemalig: The Backoffs, The Bionics, Splatterday

Andy Pathie
ehemalig: Lake Pussy, The Titans, Violent Nuns, Ready*steady*die
aktuell: The Rancors

Vic Seasick
ehemalig: Bastards by attitude, Wilde 13, Ready*steady*die
aktuell: Horrorcombo, Genyák

ehemalig: SDC, Ettstrasse, Abszess, Zefix
aktuell: Missbrauch, Vorstadtkönige, Schnapspiraten

Tom Obnoxious
ehemalig: Suburban Rebels, Lake Pussy

ehemalige Mitglieder:
Mike Moronic – Drums (bis 2002)
Fab Gumbaby – Guitar (2002 – 2005)
Johnny Innocent – Guitar (2002 – 2011)
Hank Spinalzo – Guitar (2005 – 2009)




„We‘re not in here for the future, we‘re not in here for the cash. Some might say it’s ego-feeding, largely rum, sodomy & the Clash.“

The Gumbabies were founded in late 2002 in Munich by five young punkrockers who all played in various other bands at that time, to create a project that combines the raw energy and attitude of punkrock with pushing double-guitar work, smart basslines and something to say, blahblahblah... . Okay, let’s leave these shenanigans and just get it chronologically right: Soon later, in spring 2003, they released their first output, a four track DIY copyshop cover CD-R demo called „How Can I win?“. Originally envisaged as a 500 copies issue, due to more and more fellows asking for an exemplar made the guys produce 1.000 pieces in living room manufacture before calling the thing „sold out“ and working towards their next publication. At that point the first tours also came along, calling at Germany, Austria and Italy – and what started as a side project for the five lads automatically more and more became their all main band (and some sort of a strange marriage between five guys).  In early 2005 then the band released it’s second output „Another Ragged Army“ containing six songs via two labels: Caustic Rock in Germany and No Front Teeth Rec. in the UK. A longer period of regular live sets in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands followed including song releases on various CD and DVD compilations all over Europe. In 2009, finally, The Gumbabies first 13-song-full-length album hit the planet: „This is plastic“. It was released through the Munich based underground label Schlecht & Schwindlig Records and meant the first record by the boys in professional distribution. After that, the band was asked to contribute a soundtrack for a theatre play and so the song „Token World“ was written as theme for the theatre piece & audio book „Kein Halt in Freimann“. After that output, former lead guitarist Hank Spinalzo left the crew, due to his job as an audio engineer that made it more and more impossible for him to find enough time to play with the band on a regular basis. But as everything has two sides, being sad to see Hank go, we also were really lucky bastards to find our good friend and admired guitar hero Vic Seasick fancying taking over Hank’s part and by that also bringing loads of new inspirational verve into the band. And now, after further two years of constantly creating our racket live 2011 we‘re more than happy to could have our latest baby crash into the world: the 12"-vinyl-one-A-side-mirror-flipside-four-track-very-special-record „Love, Piss & Underpayment“.
Not only that this very special format record on vinyl is something we really have been yearning for to create, we‘re also extremely happy to have been able to put it out on five great underground labels that we really appreciate a lot (Campary Rec., Matula Rec., Munich Punk Shop, Schlecht & Schwindlig Rec. and Sick Night Rec.). In 2012 the Gumbabies just recorded 4 new tracks that will be released as the „Cogito ergo scum“ 7“ this summer. At the moment the band is really on fire for touring again and also working on two new projects at the same time: a split record with fellow Munich punkrockers „Destination: Failure“ and our very own next album, both scheduled for 2012! You see, there’s still loads of blank pages in our diary be continued. Aloha.



  • „This is plastic!“ (2009)


  • „How can I win?“ (2003)
  • „Another ragged army“ (2005)
  • „Back to no future“ (2009)
  • „Love, piss & underpayment“ (2011)
  • „Cogito ergo scum“ (2012)

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