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Step By Step entstanden 2008 aus der Vorgängerband 'Angry Youth'. Im jetzigen Line-Up machen die fünf seit 2009 zusammen melodischen Hardcore-Punk, im gleichen Jahr erschien die erste D.I.Y. Demo CD und ein Jahr später die erste CD.


Da beide CDs inzwischen vergriffen sind, erschien im Februar 2012 eine limitierte Neu-Auflage, einschließlich brandneuer Version des Hits 'Another Anthem', der auch auf der Doppel-CD Compilation 'In München Nix Los!' zu hören ist.


Being part of this shit
Means more to me than glamour and prestige
The love for this music, the sweat and the passion
And that’s how it used to be
But somehow, and I don’t get it
It all has turned into something miserable
I just know one thing, we’ve already lost
When appearance counts more than attitude
So folks, this song’s for you

Here’s another anthem with empty words
Come sing along
No meaning, no message
It’s just a simple catchy tune

It makes me sick when I watch the crowd at gigs
They're just hanging at the merch or taking pics
The few in the front just some groupie chicks
They start no pogo or pit
And after the show it’s getting more absurd
They want the band members to sign their shirts
And heading home right after the show
To post a report on their myspace page
Is that what it’s all about?

Do you really care what we are doing here?
Do you really care what we are singing bout’?
Do you really live what you fucking represent?
Do you love this shit as much as I do?

This is our Anthem
Brothers and sisters come sing with us
Sing loud, stand proud
We know who we are


Yannick –Vocals
Emil – Bass/Vocals
Potta – Guitar
Jan – Drums
Tobi - Guitar/Backvoc.



We’re Step By Step from Munich/Germany! We started as a 5-piece in autumn 2008 after our old band Angry Youth broke up.

First Line-Up:
Yannick – Vocals
Marc – Guitar/Vocals
Emil – Bass/Backvoc.
Theiss – Guitar
Jan – Drums

A few month later Marc moved to Stuttgart to work there and left the band. In Summer 2009 Tobi finally joined the band. In September 2009 we’ve released our first D.I.Y. Demo CD called 'Lost Kids'. 10|23|2010 we've released our first CD "Set Me Free"

Current Line-Up:
Yannick –Vocals
Emil – Bass/Vocals
Potta – Guitar
Jan – Drums
Tobi - Guitar/Backvoc.

We play a mixture of cool shit and great stuff! Just the sound we like to play and we won’t fit the trend and become a fucking metal-core band :)
Hope you like the tunes!


  • Lost Kids - Demo CD, 2009
  • Set me Free - CD, 2010
  • Step By Step - CD, 2012