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Text / Musik: Step by Step

these days i often ask myself: "what`s the big deal 'bout the truth?
is it that hard to keep it real, too difficult to stay true?"
indeed, sometimes, just big words, when a lie comes along,
but old friend what really helped me out was to think before i talk!

so buddy can't you see, our respect is dead and gone
killed by this desease called backbiting someone.
so friend let's stick together to negotiate this shit.
take my helping hand whe you fall into a pit!
backbite - backbite - everything we get is hate and disrespect
backbite - backbite- everything we need is to share and to connect

we've come a long way and a long way still to go.
lot i've learned, not so much i really know,
but one thing is for sure, i had to realize
that it's all on me and it's my own choice.
it's my own decision, i better make it right,
think about the consequences, introspect again and again, day by day,
to evolve myself seems to be the right way