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Punchers Plant
Punchers Plant sind eine fünfköpfige Newschool Punkrock Band mit Melodic Hardcore Einflüssen, die seit 2005 zusammen unterwegs sind. Sie verarbeiten in ihrer Musik sozialkritische und politische, aber auch sehr persönliche Texte. 2008 erschien das erste Album auf CD, 2010 wurde die Free-Ep 'Homesick' veröffentlicht, von der auch der Song 'White Flag Soldiers' stammt. Punchers Plant nehmen gerade im Studio ihr nächstes Album 'How to Escape' auf.

Auf der IN MÜNCHEN NIX LOS! Doppel CD:


My hands are trembling
The heart beats fast but we're not fast enough
Times are changing
And time's changing us
We need a gun to feel safe
Sit in a tank to feel brave
Pretending that it's not too late,
no, it's not too late.
Give me dream to keep
Give be a reason to believe
Let me go,
So let me go,
so let me go.
We are the discontent
The ones who'll never bend
Let's go,
so let me go,
so let me go.
We are like matches
Burning short time yet so bright
All that's left is ashes and smoke
We are so different yet the same
Living under constant strain
Pretending that life's not in vain
No, it's not in vain
Am I more than just a dead eyed tool
That carries guilt from cradle to the grave
We share the same dreams,
We share the same rights
We are the white flag soldiers,
Armed with a mind.
No, it's not too late,
Life is not in vain,
'Cause dreams survive
Our darkest days.

Recorded @ Equalies-Studios, Munich
Produced by Punchers Plant
Mixed by Philip Röder
Mastered by Ludwig Maier @ gkg-Mastering, Freising


Phil - Guitar
Beni - Bass
Philip- Vocals
Andy - Guitar
Jasper - Drums



Punchers Plant is the story of five friends, having the time of their lives. It all started in 2005. We managed to write some songs, played little shows in Munich and recorded a demo at the SAE Institute. This 2-song piece reached the ears of Christian Kiesler (Feierwerk) and we were invited to play the Sprungbrett bandcontest. Well, people and the jury liked what we were doing, so we won some money to record an album. "State of Fear", our first full-length CD, came out in 2008 via BSC Music / Roughtrade. Christoph Buehring Uhle, owner of BSC, managed to put out our album worldwide. Soon we started serious touring all over Germany. In 2010, we released a free-EP called "HOMESICK", produced by Ryder at Equalies Studios. Well, people and Fanzines were pretty stoked (which made us very happy, haha), so we decided to book two huge Germany tours from Munich to Kiel, spending thousands of kilometers in the van. Best time ever! So what's up for now? Well, we had the luck to play with some pretty inspiring bands such as Anti-Flag, Boysetsfire, The Menzingers, Venerea, The Bottrops, Total Chaos, Antillectual and many more. Touring as much as possible is still our main goal, so we're currently booking shows for October 2011. Besides, we're writing a lot of new songs. Come to the shows, you might hear some of them! And yeah, we're planning to release another album, hopefully in 2012. Punchers Plant is about friendship, creativity and sharing the spirit with those great persons that come to our shows. So come and hang out with us and be part of this band's way!


  • 'State of Fear', CD 2008
  • 'Homesick', Free-EP 2010
  • 'How to Escape', Album