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Lyrics: Charlie / Music: Haris

It's fucking Friday night and I wanna stay out drinking
But I know tomorrow I've gotta get up and head into the city
The Nazis wanna march and we're not gonna have it
So we're going out in force to do something about it

Standing in the fucking cold
Screaming chants and slogans
Two opposing walls
Our hatred clearly spoken

Peacefully we stand
We only want to block their way
But what's this forceful hand?
Police brutality prevails

So we leg it through the city fucking up their path
Every time they change direction we cut them off and laugh
The fucking pigs are ruthless trying to beat us back
Many fall and break away faced by this attack
But our united front soon becomes much stronger
Now we are so many they can fight us off no longer

Seven hours later
Frozen to the bone
Fucked and starving hungry
Dying to go home

The word starts to filter down the lines and channels
That we're the victorious against these fucking animals
But it couldn't be any other way, it's no fucking surprise
That we're going out to celebrate and you’re going home tonight
Nazi, go home tonight


Charlie - vocals
Kosta - drums
Andi - bass
Dani - guitar
Haris - guitar



Weitere Bands:
Haris: Suicide Salvation, kARHu
Dani: Hailstone
Kosta: no name

Andi: Involuntary Carnage, S.L.U.T., R.E.D., Caedes/
Dani: Thy Suffering
Haris: Misanthrop, Angry Tree, Mason’s Corner, The Intimate Room, Anaeshia, The Foreverlorn, Cancerous Abscess
Kosta: Amnesia, Cassandra Effect


  • Demo (2012)
  • The Dog’s Dinner E.P. (2012)
  • Terminal Ferocity (2013)