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Text / Musik: Frana

all of this issues are psychos-o-matic, avenging time, whatever it costs
clusters of violence all over my bones, claiming as victim with no need for soul
to invade what i envy is killing my nerves
like whales to carry up to the mountains, to let them dry under no sun

seriously dull
seriously dull

surrender, sub-rented, i bet here my clothes
all the afternoons i spent spinning around, in my bedroom floor you can see the trail
mechanical flowers won't survive the rust
running at full speed, watching the ground, you don´t need a point if you need to fail

with plenty of stitches
i appear one piece
just remember to rest dry and warm
words are ineffective in front a valley of thorns

Recorded by Guido Per Capita in Munich in January 2013
Mixed by Mauro Maccarini in May 2013



Fra: Bass
Luca: Voice, Guitar
Niccolò: Drums
Sascha: Drums
Luigi: Guitar
Francesco: Guitar



Gravity unchained.

Frana is a four-piece noiserock/post-hardcore band based in Munich. The band is Luca (guitar, voice), Fra (bass), Sascha (drums) and Francesco (guitar).

The band starts in 2012 with the will of Luca (guitar, voice) and Fra (bass) to shake Bavaria with their noise-core ideas and attitude. After struggling with looking for a drummer in town, they bump into Niccolo' (drummer) who just moved to Munich and Luigi, former bass player who switches then to guitar. Inspired by the style of 90s bands like Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Shellac and Unsane, they performed live in southern Germany and northern Italy and already recorded some material. The music is dynamic and direct like a punch in the stomach, the rhythmic does not let you rest.


  • Frana / Opiliones Split 7", März 2016
  • Odds And Ends, 12" EP, März 2015
  • Digital Album, Februar 2013