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Text / Musik: Dollars for Deadbeats

Everybody's yearning for safety and security
Protect my town with a cop on every corner
Safe us from the junkie fucks, thugs on the subway
From the violent kids and the drinkers in the street
We need more cameras here this is war on terrorism
Opress the people before they start thinking
I'm an upright citizen I've got nothing to hide
My flags waving in the garden and I love my wife

If the state is watching me, I feel so fucking free
I won't bite the hand that feeds
Cause it's leading me

We've got a smile on the lips and a hole in the head
We're safe, sound and rich
But inside we're dead
So we're marching on singing mediocre songs
Deaf, dumb and blind to our graves

You won't see me waving flags or singing battle hymns
For blood, death and taxes and a life in a box
Don't need no higher agency holding my hand
And I'm doing just fine without your leadership

Not a puppet on a string, no robot, no machine
I'll take responsibility for who I am
I'll refuse, I'll resist, fight you til the day I die
Cause I'd rather be dead than living a lie

Watch out protect ya neck, our freedom is for sale
I'll bite the hand that feeds
Cause it's strangling me

Lock the door you're safe inside, the majority is by your side
Stay at home and stay alive with your media dried eyes
Eat the shit they feed you, just speak when you're asked to
Die unsuspicious, meaningless, keep telling me to get a life,
Fuck you!


Recorded, mixed and mastered 04/2014 by Guido / Per Capita.