dollars for deadbeats
Dollars for Deadbeats wurden im Herbst 2009 gegründet - allerdings dauerte es eine ganze Weile, bis das Line-Up komplett war. Der Sound lässt sich vielleicht ganz gut als 'Powerful West-Coast Style Punk Rock' beschreiben, sehr schön ergänzt mit meldodischem Frauengesang.

dollars for deadbeats

7 Inch EP Vol. 7: Dollars For Deadbeats! Anhören!

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OH NEIN! DOLLARS FOR DEADBEATS müssen den Auftritt bei der In München Nix Los! Vol. 7 Release Show am Donnerstag (17.7. im Feierwerk Sunny Red - Eintritt frei) nun leider absagen! Natürlich kratzen wir ihren klasse Song 'Safe & Sound' nicht von der Platte.. Hört doch mal rein:

Die Gründe für die Absage könnt ihr dann am Donnerstag im Sunny Red bei dem anwesenden Teil der DOLLARS FOR DEADBEATS selbst erfragen..



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Text / Musik: Dollars for Deadbeats

Everybody's yearning for safety and security
Protect my town with a cop on every corner
Safe us from the junkie fucks, thugs on the subway
From the violent kids and the drinkers in the street
We need more cameras here this is war on terrorism
Opress the people before they start thinking
I'm an upright citizen I've got nothing to hide
My flags waving in the garden and I love my wife

If the state is watching me, I feel so fucking free
I won't bite the hand that feeds
Cause it's leading me

We've got a smile on the lips and a hole in the head
We're safe, sound and rich
But inside we're dead
So we're marching on singing mediocre songs
Deaf, dumb and blind to our graves

You won't see me waving flags or singing battle hymns
For blood, death and taxes and a life in a box
Don't need no higher agency holding my hand
And I'm doing just fine without your leadership

Not a puppet on a string, no robot, no machine
I'll take responsibility for who I am
I'll refuse, I'll resist, fight you til the day I die
Cause I'd rather be dead than living a lie

Watch out protect ya neck, our freedom is for sale
I'll bite the hand that feeds
Cause it's strangling me

Lock the door you're safe inside, the majority is by your side
Stay at home and stay alive with your media dried eyes
Eat the shit they feed you, just speak when you're asked to
Die unsuspicious, meaningless, keep telling me to get a life,
Fuck you!


Recorded, mixed and mastered 04/2014 by Guido / Per Capita.



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auf der IN MÜNCHEN NIX LOS! Doppel CD

Text: Kirsty Roxx / Musik: Matty Black

I'm walking through corruption,
-a living image of destruction
As I set the Bombs ablaze
-I sit and watch this town decay

Just like rats scurry from hiding
-as the vermin seek cover
Suits flee the office buildings
-in the back the flames blaze higher

We'll teach you a lesson that you'd better not forget
Cause we won't comply, we're one major fucking threat

(And so the Junkies go.../And so the Hookers go.../And so the Deadbeats go...)
Hey Mister! We're the kings upon these streets
This is our home, our bed, where we lay ourselves to rest
Stay off our territory, this is our life – our glory
And together we are strong enough,
You'll sure as fuck never get rid of us!

The trauma ward is overfilled
with broken hearts and losers
They mend each wound with sellotape
and scratch their own bruises

I'm bathing in the ashes
-complacent grin on my face
I'm kicking at the ruins
and spitting on the remains


Kirsty Roxx - Vocals
Matt Black - Rhythm Guitar
Kitty Monoxyde - Bass
Phillip - Drums
Hank - Lead Guitar



Founded in the autumn of 2009 by the brothers Matt and Mike, spending rainy days jamming in their Mom's cellar, joined by Hank on guitar, the Dollars For Deadbeats were born! After they set out to find a singer for this combo, coincidentally Miss Kirsty Roxx stumbled across their path and crept her way into the boys' hearts and band. Long nights spent composing led the band in a new direction, and generated their distinct, unmistakable sound in which they now feel at home. Powerful lyrics combined with powerful, melodic chords, the Dollars For Deadbeats feel most comfortable in an alignment alongside such Punk Rock bands as 'American Steel', 'Far From Finished' or 'Ann Beretta', greatly influenced by the west-coast Legends such as the 'U.S. Bombs' and politically motivated songs in a 'Rancid-esque' style. After overcoming similar problems finding a Bass player, as Spinal Tap had with drummers, in the summer of 2011 the line-up was finally complete, when Kirsty's sister joined the band. The line-up now being: Kirsty Roxx on vocals, Hank on the lead guitar, Kitty Monoxyde on bass, Matt Black on rhythm guitar and Mike Seven on drums.And so the Dollars For Deadbeats set out to conquer the world's stages and keep the Punk Rock spirit alive!

Powerful west-coast style Punk Rock underlined with melodic female vocals!



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