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Musik / Text: Bale

Stop basking in the sun be once loyal nameless man
And bring your friends too if you have any
One time in your life you could work for free don ´t you think
After all I suffered so many times with you

Brothers time has come for everyone
A call to arms back me up don ´t leave me hanging out to dry

So all these words are my last call to gather allies for this madhouse
Where my influence is decreasing consistently
If all this makes the slightest sense to anybody please step up
As long I take my former fellows up on their promises

Back to the present and on your feet soldier you owe this to me
It´s your comrade your colleague and pal
For once return a fav your guardian angel needs protection
Night time activities are around the corner


Recorded, mixed and mastered 2013 by Guido / PER CAPITA